The team

beckaya – that’s me, Elise, together with my kids Alexa and Rebecca. 

Maybe you noticed right away. The name “beckaya” is made up of the first names of my two girls. “Becky” for Rebecca and “Aya” for Alexa. "Aya" because my little girl (Rebecca) always said "Aya" to her big sister when she was still small and couldn't speak yet.

The wording “LIEBLINGSPIECE = favorite piece” comes from the fact that every polegirl has at least one favorite pole clothing - a favorite piece.

beckaya Lieblingspiece Team. Rebecca.
beckaya Lieblingspiece Team. Elise.
beckaya Lieblingspiece Team. Alexa und Hund Josy.

My love for pole dance - how it all started

I've always wanted to try pole dancing. It took a while until I finally made it into a course. From the first moment on I was in love with this great sport.

Like most beginners, I found it difficult at the beginning. Simply climbing up the pole was a challenge. And I'm not even talking about an invert, let alone an Ayesha.

After years of intensive training (at least 2-3 times a week), my moves and tricks improved and I can already show them. The moment of the achievement when a trick, which you try for ages, finally works is just great.

I love this sport and couldn't imagine a life without pole dancing anymore.

And yes it’s true: “Life is better on a pole!” :-)

beckaya Lieblingspiece. Die exklusive Polewear Marke. Die Pole-Geschichte von Elise. So hat alles begonnen.

The story

The idea for beckaya was born in 2018. The reason for considering self-employment and founding a company was actually not so good.

Shortly before Christmas, my boss at the time told me that the company was doing economically bad so that he could no longer afford my position. A horror scenario for a single mom.

After the first two weeks of shock, I slowly started to think about what I really want in life and what would make me happy. And since I have been designing clothes together with a good friend since my youth and pole dance has become part of my life, the answer was actually found soon - pole dance clothing.

After all, since the beginning of my pole dance “career” it has never been easy for me to find the right tops and shorts in good quality. Something never fit and was wrong. So why not design my own polewear clothing?

What sounds so simple in the first step was unfortunately not quite so. Starting from the difficulty of finding a manufacturing company, getting the patterns so that they fit in all sizes, and many more. Especially at the beginning it was not easy budget-wise. 

However, I have to admit that - thanks to my years of experience in marketing and digital media - I was able to do pretty much everything myself. Starting with the design of the logo up to the construction of this online shop. My lovely and dear friends have always been at my side with their expertise.

In 2022 the time had finally come. The first collection of my beckaya Lieblingspieces was ready. A dream came true!

At this point I would like to thank everyone who supports me so actively!

“None of this would have been possible without you! THANK YOU!"

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