Pole Dance Shorts – The perfect cut: the golden rule for moves and tricks

Pole Dance Hosen - Der perfekte Schnitt: Das A und O für Moves & Tricks

The importance of the right cut for pole dance shorts is often underestimated. Of course they need to look beautiful, form the perfect but and show off a perfect body. We will even see the design on one or the other pole video or on a pole pic.

However, especially for your safety it is important that your pole dance shorts have a perfect cut, which is suitable for pole dancing. After all, you need sufficient grip on the right skin areas for holding perfectly on the pole.

Pole Dance Shorts – Free your tummy

For a variety of pole tricks you need enough free skin area in the area of the belly/abdomen and waist.

Your pole dance shorts should not be too high in the belly area, even if they are high waist pants. There must be enough skin left to stick to the pole. It is perfect if your pole dance shorts stops at your bellybutton.

At tricks like the Jade, but also for a simple Scorpio, the skin at the waist must stick well to the pole so that you hold in the position. Fabric would bother you and hinder you from performing the trick.

Of course, our pole dance pieces were also tested for sufficient abdominal clearance. During the design process, we have specially adapted the cuts to meet these requirements. The result? The grip on the pole fits even with a Meathook.

Pole Dance Shorts – Free your legs!

In order to have enough grip on the pole for tricks like a Layout, a simple Pole Sit or a Cross Ankle Release, it is important that the inside of the thigh is not covered with fabric.

Your pole dance short should therefore, leave enough skin on these parts of the body. It is perfect if only the crotch is covered with sufficient material. The rest of the thigh should remain free.

It's best to imagine a bikini panty. Here the thighs are completely free. However, the cut of pole dance shorts is a bit different. After all, even with splits and legs stretched apart, no intimate insights should be granted.

So, pole dance shorts are cut wider at the crotch, but still leave enough skin to allow a secure performance on the pole.

Pole Dance Shorts – Hip area

Your pole dance short should also have enough free skin in the hip area. At tricks like the Leg Extension you would be able to hold the position with enough pressure against the pole. With the help of your skin sticking to the pole, such moves become way easier.

For your pole dance short you should make sure that the cut at the leg is high enough. It's best to stand next to the pole and indicate to do a leg extension. You can see immediately whether the pants are suitable for you pole dancing or not.

Pole Dance Shorts – Bottom area

You may not believe it - but yes, there are also tricks which require sufficient skin area in the bottom area for enough grip.  For example at the Thinker you mainly hold yourself on the pole with your buttock. So you shouldn't slide away here.

In order not to fall off at some tricks your butt must stick well. So sufficient free skin area at this point helps you. Because it would also be annoying if you had to move the fabric of your pole shorts every time so you can stick to the pole.

So make sure that your short doesn't cover too much of your butt - but of course not too little either :-)

With our beckaya Lieblingspieces you will notice that we have paid attention to this detail. After all, we also train regularly and know what is important.

Pole Dance Shorts – Conclusion: What to pay attention to when purchasing?

In particular with pole dance shorts the correct cut is important. There must be enough free skin available for tricks and moves and at the same time your intimate area must be sufficiently covered.

As with pole dance tops, the fabric should be bi-elastic and sweat-absorbent.

And of course - the quality of the production is crucial! With pole dance, the buttocks and hips are constantly in motion. One bends down, poses and shows off ones butt in a spectacular way etc. In case you have ever experienced how embarrassing it is when a seam in the buttocks area bursts, then you will appreciate high-quality seams.

But also here the most important question is: Do you feel comfortable in your new pole clothes? If so, then you have found the right pole dance short!

And of course we would be very happy if you feel really comfortable in our shorts and choose one of our Lieblingspieces! ;-)