Pole Dance Clothing – Do you really need special pole wear for pole dancing?

Pole Dance Bekleidung - Braucht man tatsächlich eigene Polewear für Pole Dance?

The answer to this question is simple - and it is YES!

When you start pole dancing it might be enough to use „normal“ sports wear. However, soon you will notice that „normal“ sports wear is not perfectly suitable for training on the pole.

When you move on a pole and try tricks and spins, you need special clothing for it! There is nothing more annoying than when your sports wear gets out of place or reduces your mobility.

For pole dance it is essential to have enough skin stuck to the pole – not only for safety reasons. So pole wear reduces fabrics at certain points and leaves enough skin at the exactly right places :-)

And of course, apart from all this comfort and movability, your pole dance outfits need to have a beautiful design. Especially at pole dancing you should feel self-esteem and wellbeing within your own body!

The image shows our Elise from beckaya Lieblingspiece. Our exclusive polewear brand. Elise is wearing the 'Alexa' top from the Nude Passion collection and the matching 'Elise' low waist short. She is doing a Gemini on the pole.

What do you need to pay attention to when buying your pole dance clothing?

Your pole wear needs to be functional. At the right places there must be no fabrics – otherwise this would hinder you from performing your moves and tricks.

What you need to consider for pole dance tops and pole dance shorts you can find out at our landing pages in the online shop: pole dance tops & pole dance shorts.

The right fabric for pole wear

Besides the right cutting of your pole dance outfit the fabric is also important. And let’s get one thing straight off at the beginning: fabric is not the same!

Especially when talking about sports wear there are many products made out of a variety of fabrics. Experts of a specific type of sport know what is important for the respective outfit and use fabric wisely.

The fabrics for pole dance outfits need to be bi-elastic. It needs to move and stretch with your body without getting out of place.

The fabric we use for our beckaya Lieblingspieces is very resilient and flexible. For our pole dance tops and pole dance shorts we did several tests to make sure: for example, we put our beckaya Lieblingspieces to the acid test at several playgrounds – and the resilience past the test.

The image shows a close-up of our 'Carina' high waist shorts from beckaya Lieblingspiece. Our exclusive polewear brand. The model shows that the short she is wearing is way too big. For pole dance it is important to wear the right size of polewear.

Pole Dance Clothing – The right size

Sometimes it can be very hard to find the right size of cloths. Manufacturers are very creative in defining the size and S is not always the same.

When doing a sport like pole dance it is important to choose the right size of an outfit – also because of your safety on the pole. Not having free skin at the right spot due to a wrong size, you might drop off the pole. And this can be very painful.

Even if the material is elastic your pole wear needs to be of the right size for you. When you have a look at the size indication at the respective product description you will find the perfect match for you!

Do you have any questions to the sizes of our beckaya Lieblingspieces? Just go and write us – we won’t bite you :-)

Pole Dance Clothing & Quality

Imagine: You buy a new outfit and while wearing it for the first time – puff - the seam rips open. Have you ever experience this yourself? Very unpleasant situation!

Also very annoying: after washing your outfit for the first time, the print went off.

Therefore, the quality is a key decision criteria when you consider buying an outfit.

Besides the right choices of fabrics, also a high-quality processing of the pole wear is important. Elastic material needs a special sewing technique and not every sewing machine can fulfill these requirements.

For us at beckaya pole wear quality is extremely important. So we invested a lot of time for the idea and development of our beckaya Lieblingspieces. We only use high quality fabrics and we chose experts in the field of elastic fabrics to sew our pole wear - so they know what to pay attention to.

In the end, we want you to be happy with your beckaya Lieblingspieces and to feel good wearing it.


Pole Dance Clothing & Sweat

Talking about sweating usually makes us feel uncomfortable. However, when practicing intensive moves it is difficult to avoid sweating. At pole dance we do sweat.

The fabric of our pole wear is made for sportive activities. Sweat gets absorbed while the tops and panties do not get out of place. Washing it after doing sports, however, helps to prevent unpleasant smells which might stay after training – and your pole partner will thank you :-)

You will find our care instructions at the respective product descriptions of our beckaya Lieblingspieces. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

Pole Dance Clothing – Conclusion

There is a great variety of pole wear brands. Not all of them are suitable for the challenging sport of pole dancing. And sometimes quality suffers from price competition.

With the help of our tips and tricks, you now know what is important when buying a new pole wear.

Still the most important criteria for buying a pole dance outfit is: You need to feel comfortable wearing it. No matter what others say!

Obviously, we would be very happy if you decide to buy one of our beckaya Lieblingspieces ;-) Have fun shopping!