EXOTIC SHOE PROTECTORS - So that our heels look like new even after hundreds of dances

EXOTIC SHOE PROTECTORS - Damit deine Heels auch nach mehrmaligem Tragen noch wie neu ausschauen

Exotic shoes or just “heels” are probably the heart of every Pole Girl’s clothing.

If you start with pole dance, many think: “You can't ever dance in shoes like this. They're way too high… ”

But not later than after the first session in heels you want to have some pair yourself. In the beginning maybe the lower 7inch shoes. Over time you will get a taste for it and 8inch heels are bought. And before you know it, you have a whole collection of exotic shoes at home. In a wide variety of colors and plateau designs, sandals and boots and with a wide variety of decorations.

Initially, our Elise, founder of beckaya Lieblingspieces, was skeptical. But now she no longer wants to dance without her heels. After all, the shoes should also match the respective pole dance clothing :-)

Why do you need Exotic Shoe Protectors?

When unpacking the newly bought heels, they are simply beautiful and put a sparkle in the eyes of their new owner. We couldn't think of any other description. They shine and the sole is still very soft and comfortable to wear.

For sure you know this: after the first time dancing you can already see slight signs of wear and marks. The heels are rubbed off particularly quickly in the front at the toes or at the front on the lower part of the plateau.

To prevent this from happening, use our beckaya Exotic Shoe Protectors.

What is the difference between beckaya Exotic Shoe Protectors and other heel protectors?

There are various heel protectors for pole dance shoes. Our beckaya Exotic Shoe Protectors are particularly characterized by their fit.

Many other protectors are made of a single double-layered fabric. Thus, they go beyond the toes and hide much more than necessary of our beloved shoes. Even at the lower end of the plateau they are not a perfect fit.

That’s different with our Lieblingspieces. Our beckaya Exotic Shoe Protectos are especially tailored to the Pleaser brand. These are clearly the most popular exotic shoes for pole dancing.

When the rubber is pulled about 2 cm over the edge at the top the heel protector fits perfectly and covers the stressed areas of our heels. When designing we also made sure that the fabric in the toe area does not go up too high and therefore does not irritate when stepping on it. You will see - you will no longer notice the Exotic Shoe Protectors after 1-2 minutes dancing.

The right fabric for our Exotic Shoe Protectors

We have tested a lot to find the right fabric for our beckaya Exotic Shoe Protectors. After all, the fabric should slide on the floor, but also not too much. It must be stable and protect the heels from rubbing but should still be elastic enough to adapt to the plateau.

We are proud to present the result of our numerous tests and improvements! Our Beckaya Exotic Shoe Protectors.

Double-layered, bi-elastic lycra, that adapts perfectly to the shape of your heels - a real eye-catcher.

Exotic Shoe Protectors - Conclusion: Traces of usages - Unfortunately cannot be prevented

Of course you will also notice signs of usages on our beckaya Exotic Shoe Protectors - depending on how much and how intensively you train. No heel protector that is slided on the floor with the plateau of your shoe will look the same after use as when you bought it.

In addition to a stunning design, our Shoe Protectors always fulfill their actual purpose - namely to protect your Pleasers as best as possible!

We hope you enjoy our beckaya Lieblingspieces!