Pole Dance Tops – The „perfect“ top for pole dancing

Pole Dance Tops - Das “perfekte” Oberteil für Pole Dance

You should feel comfortable with a pole dance top! You should be able to do all the tricks and moves. You shouldn't have to constantly pull on a strap, the waistband or the neckline. An optimal pole dance top fits perfectly and gives your bust the necessary support.

And - it should look good :-)

Your Pole Dance Top - Free your tummy

As for pole dance shorts, the same applies for pole dance tops - skin freedom in the area of the tummy and waist are extremely important for many pole tricks.

When buying pole dance clothing, you should make sure that your top ends under the bust. Avoid a waistband that is too wide and goes over the ribs. Because even in the area of the ribs, some moves and tricks require enough free skin for sufficient grip on the pole. The Meathook is a good example of a trick in which you need your belly area for not falling off the pole.

The waisband should not be too tight either. It should not cut through and leave unpleasant marks on the skin. After all, you don’t want to think about your top and the waistband during your training or exercises, but should be able to concentrate fully on the moves.

Your Pole Dance Top – Strapless

Doing a Shouldermount there is nothing more annoying when the straps of your top are at the wrong position and you slip off the pole.

So when buying your pole dance top, make sure that the straps are not directly next to the neck. There should be enough space and free skin in the lower area from the neck to the collarbone - where the pole rests at the Shouldermount. Therefore, straps which are at the height of the shoulder roof are perfect.

Explanation: The shoulder roof is the bone protrusion that you feel when you touch your shoulder. It forms the highest point of the shoulder blade.

Our beckaya tops are tailored to these requirements. And of course we tested them at a variety of figures and moves ourselves to see whether the straps and the waistband are correctly positioned and that nothing moves in the bust area :-)

Your Pole Dance Top – Sufficient support for your boobs

A good fit of a sports top is important for both small and large breasts. Also if a smaller bust size does not need as much support as a large breast.

When we designed our beckaya Lieblingspieces, we faced the challenge of designing a suitable pole dance top for both small and big breasts. We have to admit, Elise, owner and founder of beckaya, has a not so big boobs, so it was a little easier to create this small cut.

However, it was important for us to create a beautiful and highly functional pole dance top for all body shapes. So for large bust sizes we changed the cut. Our size L tops are therefore cut a little higher both at the side seam under the armpit and at the front directly in the bust area. Even the cutout under the armpit is a bit straighter than in sizes S and M. After all, we don’t want your boobs to fall out of the top while doing a move. Male audience might enjoy this tough, but it is not in the sporty spirit of pole dance.

Your Pole Dance Top – Space for your armpit

You also need your armpit or the area below for a variety of pole dance moves and tricks, eg for a Teddy or the Janeiro.
It would be annoying when there is fabric in the way. The cut for your arm in the armpit area should therefore be large enough. Nevertheless, the top needs to offer enough support towards the back.

When designing our beckaya pole cloths, we tried out a number of cut variations. Finally, we found the right mix - a pole dance top with enough armpit freedom that still offers great support.

Your Pole Dance Top – Conclusion: What to pay attention to when purchasing a top?

When buying your new pole dance top, make sure that it offers your boobs enough support and yet enough skin remains free at the required places.

The fabric should be suitable for our sport, so it need to be bi-elastic and able to absorb sweat.

You should also take a look at the quality of the production, especially the seams. After all, you want to enjoy your top for a long time.

And finally the crucial question: do you feel comfortable in your new pole clothes? If so, then you have found the right pole dance top!

Of course, we would be happy if you feel really comfortable in one of our tops and choose one of our Lieblingspieces! ;-)